Empty objections from ‘grey’ parties

Willowfield Crescent


There appears to be an interesting reaction to the first planning application from Genr8 for the Copley Valley (PA1), the second one recently having gone in (PA2). The decision sparked a flurry of activity from the grey parties.

The Lib Dems got a leaflet out in Skircoat saying, “An initial Planning Application for bridge improvements to the site was approved in February. The Main application is expected before the Planning Committee in summer. Councillors Stephen Gow and Pauline Nash will be putting forward objections at that stage.”

Why in summer? The Lib Dems have had at least six years. Not one councillor objected in writing to the PA1 by Genr8! Councillors Gow and Nash have both been on the Copley Valley/Sowerby Bridge regeneration committee along with councillors of other parties.

Of course what the Lib Dem leaflet doesn’t tell the people of Skircoat is that at the planning committee for PA1, the chair councillor Jennifer Pearson who seconded PA1 and Councillor David Hardy who moved the motion supporting PA1 are both Lib Dems!

That brings me to Tory Councillor for Sowerby Bridge Andrew Feather, who also brought out a leaflet shortly after PA1 had been passed. To be fair it may well have been written before PA1 was passed. But what his leaflet doesn’t say is what’s important. It doesn’t tell the citizens of Sowerby Bridge that the Holmes Road end of the regeneration scheme isn’t going to happen. So the bit most of us were happy to see happen, isn’t going to. This after years of fellow Sowerby Bridge Tory councillor, Amanda Byrne, telling us what a great deal this would be for Sowerby Bridge. Instead we get the destruction of Copley Valley, the vanity project of Calderdale Council.

The Labour Party now beats the drum for the destruction of Copley Valley in the guise of Cabinet member Councillor Barry Collins, and he’s had a busy time thanks to the Copley Valley action group.

There is still time to defeat these plans, after all Calderdale flies in the face of its own planning policies, particularly E20, that states only Sterne Mills can be built on with commercial properties if the greater scheme falls, which it has. They want to put 204 houses on Sterne mills. Calderdale officers need to catch up on their own policy statements. For the real facts go to www.copleyvalley.co.uk.

Charles Gate, On behalf of Calderdale Green Party