Eric Portman biography Thanks for all the help
with my book - Our Eric

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Can I just say a big ‘thank you’ to the Halifax Courier?
I had a book published recently and it would not have been possible without the kindness of the Editor and owners of Halifax Courier Ltd.
The book is OUR ERIC - the first-ever biography of British film star and stage actor Eric Portman (1901-1969) who was born in Boothtown, Halifax.
Not only did the Editor invite me to the Courier offices to copy lots of press cuttings about Eric, but he also allowed me to reproduce loads of copyright text and photographs without charging me a fee.
Having been unemployed for quite some time, I would not have been able to afford any charges, and so the Courier’s help was much appreciated.
Our Eric: A Portrait of Eric Portman was published by Sigma Press in October 2013, paperback, £9.99, and is available from all booksellers and libraries.

Andy Owens