Even in death the far left attack anyone who opposes their ideology

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher

Being in the USA on business it has been a little hard to keep abreast of the ever changing reaction to the passing of Lady Thatcher.

From what little I have seen of the US news coverage, it has been very respectful and complimentary of her stature as one of the greatest world leaders since Churchill. All has been very positive. From what I have read it’s a pity I cannot say the same for the BBC.

While at dinner I was a little shocked to hear from a wife of one of my customers, that she was dismayed to see reports on TV about people in Britain celebrating the death of Lady Thatcher. She could not understand why anyone would celebrate the death of someone, no matter if you liked them or not. She also said she thought British people were supposed to have class. Trying to play down the situation I explained they were people who were from the extreme left of the political spectrum and were out of touch with the vast majority of the British people. She replied:

“being a democrat I was no fan of Ronald Reagan, but I would never have dreamt of celebrating his death. That is something you don’t even do to your enemies”.

Embarrassingly I had to categorically agree. These people have yet again put a stain on Britain’s reputation reminding us of what could have been if Margaret Thatcher hadn’t taken them on.

I was pleased to see on today’s news that all three leaders of the political parties had spoken eloquently about her legacy and showed the utmost respect. Sadly this was not true of the Socialists Worker party members that were celebrating, like the school teacher, yes I’ll repeat, school teacher Ms Romany Bly. What angers them is their ideology was rejected by the British people in 1979 and ever since as a result of the strength and resolve of Lady Thatcher. She stood up to their Trotskyite omnipotence taking on their foot soldiers in the unions and won. Their claims that the actions are a protest against the harm her policies did to Britain, especially the poor, are just hollow. They don’t care about Britain, if they did then the years of industrial strife that took place before 1979 would not have happened. They reaped irreparable damage to our manufacturing base, to such an extent, we were the laughing stock of the western world producing products that nobody wanted. Lady Thatcher reversed that situation putting the Great back in Britain.

She changed the political landscape so that the likes of Arthur Scargil, Red Robbo and the communists, who during the 70s held governments to ransom, and their modern equivalents (like Owen Jones) are now pushed to the fringes of British politics, where they will remain. This is the true reason they have been celebrating her death.

They are just a bunch of bad losers.

Andrew Tagg

Chairman Halifax Conservative Association