Evening charges will cost us all

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I am appalled by the plans to increase the parking charge period in the town centre from 6pm to 8pm.

I understand the council wishes to capitalise on the extra trade brought into the town centre by Broad Street, but such plans will mean both people using the town centre for shopping as well as existing businesses operating throughout the the town centre on an evening will now see a direct cost impact.

Most businesses in town (for example the Red Pepper restaurant which has just closed) are still finding things tough and will surely be affected by this increase in parking costs for their customers and staff alike. We will no doubt see dinners and shoppers think twice before coming to Halifax and rather to go White Rose where parking is free, not to mention clean and well lit (take note Calderdale Council)

People employed in the town centre at night, will now be forced to pay to park or park out of town and walk in the late night.

With late night Christmas shopping coming, every shopper who comes into town will see money disappear and what will we get for the extra money spent? Nothing!

I would urge people to object via ProposedTRO@calderdale.gov.uk or by writing to the Planning department at Nothgate House by September, 20. Of course you could talk to your councillor also.

K Jones