Every time it rains the road floods

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On 30th April 2012 I wrote a letter to various people expressing my concern with the deplorable state of the drains opposite Myrtle Grove at the top gate to the Orchard Business Park, which partially floods Scout Road after even a moderate rainfall.

Since then we have seen jetters, gully men, drain cameramen, inspectors, investigators -scores of people wearing yellow tabards, wielding clipboards and mobile phones all milling around like chickens without heads . Yet four months have now passed and nothing has been DONE. If they were police inspectors and investigators, getting away with murder would be a cinch! Now we are back in school term, and still people walking their kids up to school are having to run the gauntlet of potentially getting drenched by any passing vehicle every time it rains and floods the road. Last week saw the first frost.
Soon it will be winter and all that water will freeze at nights, as it did last year. Is the council going to give us a Nando’s , Frankie and Bennys and a Multiplex Cinema in Mytholmroyd? 
Unlike Halifax, we’ve already got the ice rink underway! Months have gone by and we are still looking at the same problem. The condition of this drain is a danger to the public and property alike. Since I wrote my first letter it has collapsed even more. Repeated observation (it’s easy for me, I live here!) has revealed that this deterioration is being exacerbated by the continual passage of heavy articulated container lorries. You only have to look.
When a wagon turns out into Scout Road, its necessary angle of swing ensures that the near side front wheel passes over the exact point where the kerb is most subsided. I have observed this repeatedly. This drain needs to be rebuilt and reinstated before someone gets injured by it, and the Council gets sued. It needs to be built so it can take the weight of this continual heavy traffic, or the exit of these juggernauts needs to be stopped completely. Why has nothing been done?
 When I read in the Courier of all the services the council is likely to have lost to budget cuts by 2017 it makes me (and no doubt many others) wonder why I should have to pay any taxes at all? To keep councillors and senior council officers off the dole perhaps? To keep them in the style to which they are accustomed? Or is it that they don’t wish to offend certain businessmen who dont give a hoot about the opinions of local residents, and are happy to ride their big wheels roughshod over everyone?

Jim Jarratt

Scout Road,