Extra £1.20 to collect my parcel

In reference to Mr C D Lister-Steele’s letter (your say, February 21 - Parcel office needs sorting), I couldnt agree more!

I myself have had some similar experiences in collecting parcels recently and have noticed the increased parking officers!

One would think that if you went to collect your parcel on the late night opening that there would be space to park at around 7.30pm, but no!

Even in the dead of night it seems that the three spaces are always full, however when you walk into the collections office it is empty of customers?

I ended up one day having to go into Marks and Spencers car park because I spotted a parking officer and thought better of just nipping in and abandoning the car on the double yellows as many do. In the end my parcel cost me an extra £1.20 for having to park in there for five minutes!

It’s an expensive do this collecting business.

Perhaps I need to get a job working for Royal Mail or even the Council as I seem to do more running around and parting with my cash than either of them!

Sarah Ogden