Extra entry point would give Piece Hall a boost

Jubilee Road



FURTHER to the letter “All Piece Hall needs is atmosphere” from Mrs M Longbottom (Your say, April 13), I share some of the sentiments expressed.

The Piece Hall has, indeed enough of architectural presence without introducing foreign elements as has been proposed.

The great idea of having parts of it as a showcase for the activities of students working in the empty units is excellent but doubtless will never materialise.

Once thriving Thursday, Friday and Saturday markets were great but when there was inclement weather, I have seen traders turned away on arrival - this should NEVER happen.

The usual method of continually rising rents to combat loss of viability has never worked - the correct and proven method to remedy the situation is to decrease rents.

The vital move to help the Piece Hall is to make a way through into the area of Square Church and Square Chapel and through to the bottom part of town is, in my view essential to free up the dead part of the building.

The Piece Hall is only one but very important jewel in the crown of Halifax which remains a great town in which many worthwhile activities in addition to shopping should take place.

Graham Rigby