Fax need to sort problems

Shibden Grange Drive


This is my annual gripe at the running of Halifax RLFC. I have made this complaint before but it seems it isn’t going to be any better this season.

My problem is I am partly sighted so I can only see a short distant. Being a supporter for over 50 years it is in my blood, I don’t want to stop going.

Can someone at the Club tell me why the headphones are not working again? This happens every year. Why not test it before the season starts?

I was told the commentary was still being breasted in the Skircoat stand, at least last year we could go into the commentary box when there was no headphones available.

That brings me to my second point. Why is the Skircoat stand closed? Most people think it is so the supporters will have to shell out more money to watch.

So come on Mr Steel please can I once again, can I have answers to my questions.

J D Palmer