Fill empty shops and it will become a vibrant town again

SO we now see that our council has brought up the Library again and they want to know how we feel about moving the library and that they are going to set on a firm of consultants yet again.

They tell us that they are short of money! Now we have the power to make them see sense about the library, as we have now a voting day less than a month away!

The place to look to is Bradford, the voters of Bradford have shown them what can be done with their votes and the obvious thing is to vote for a minor party and give them a chance. It could just open their eyes.

The library and the Northgate House project have been neglected and do require refurbishment. The library and the Northgate House building are in the right spot for most of the people that use either of them. A lot of those that do require the services of these buildings do not have transport to get there, so we use the bus and the bus station is just a short walk away and all level walking.

They could make Northgate House useable for a shopping venue. Any offices now on the ground floor, move them to the first floor. We are told that there are now less staff in the offices so the floor area can be remodelled to suit the shop areas. The lower ground floors can be made available for storage.

If these get moved, are they going to build a big car park for us that have cars? If so, are they going to police it so that they know that only the users can get into the car park or will it be for all those that work in the town centre and make it impossible for us to get in?

I have been in this town for 75 years and I do not believe anything the political parties say but believe they will do what they want?

We have too many shops in Halifax that are empty. Get them filled and the town will become a vibrant town again, and spend what we have on finishing the Borough Market roof. The Town Hall got a new glass roof over the main hall about 30 years ago. The normal bloke in the street doesn’t see it, but I did because I put it on.

(Mr) K Marsden

Arlington Crescent

Pye Nest