Finding a solution to attracting people back to Elland

Has the stuffing been knocked out of Elland?
Has the stuffing been knocked out of Elland?

I am astonished to read that Elland features in the top ten towns (Courier, June 22). The reality is that a combination of Conservative Government policies and Labour Council decisions have knocked the stuffing out of Elland.

The Government tripled university tuition fees and charges six per cent on student loans. They increased VAT, doubled insurance premium tax and have cut tax support for local government in half, with worse to follow.

As a result the only bank we have in Elland is a food bank, the fastest growing sector of the UK economy. I do support the food bank and put about a third of my income into the “grandchildren pot” to fund their education.

I then read that Halifax is going to get a further £80 million when it has had millions of pounds on the Piece Hall, the Square Chapel, new library, Salterhebble. Halifax already has a pool and leisure centre which are about 40 years old.

In Elland, we managed to make our pool last for over 100 years. The old pool was well used and residents of Elland who do not have a car find the trek to other leisure facilities too time consuming.

I have yet to see an explanation as to why we had a pool for over 100 years and we cannot have one now.

Having a car, I use Calderdale leisure facilities at Brighouse and Sowerby Bridge. A leisure centre in Elland would attract residents into the town where they might continue shopping. I hate shopping but I do focus my shopping expenditure on Elland and Calderdale.

The businesses and residents in Elland also need a bank. National and local politicians should join forces and find a solution.


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