Fine repeat parking offenders - not residents

PAYING to park at home is on cards - again (Courier August 2). First of all Councillor Collins and co beware trying to charge residents to park outside their own homes lost John Ford his seat on the council!

Councillor Collins says people should pay to cover the cost of issuing permits. I and no doubt 3,500 other residents say this cost should be paid for by parking fines.

(By the way I don’t need a permit where I live).

Do you Councillor Collins? (I doubt it).

The council also say “there are serious problems around Calderdale Royal Hospital.” Let me tell you it’s all over not just the town centre and hospital, just take a look at King Cross and up by any school (in term time). On August 29, 2008, I invited Coun Baines and on September 30, 2008, I invited Coun Collins to accompany me on a nightmare bus journey.

No reply from either.

I once again through (Your say) invite you - then maybe you will work with the mobile parking vultures to fine repeat offenders in certain areas and use this easy revenue to pay for the charge of permits.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive, Illingworth, Halifax