Firm needs a crew to sort litter

Once again our streets are littered with rubbish, plastic bottles/bag, can/containers etc. This is down to Sita, the recycling programme was not properly thought out. Why don’t the Council force Sita to pick up their rubbish or fine them?

I know that a lot of the rubbish is down to our adverse windy weather and Sita cannot control that.

But surely Sita could recruit a crew to trawl the streets to pick up their mess, after all it was me throwing rubbish in the streets the litter wardens would pounce.

Then there’s the dander of containers etc in the roads and vehicles have to manoeuvre round them; an accident waiting to happen.

But then again, 30 years of “Should we, could we, can we? Yes, we will have wheelie bins and recycling”.

But it’s not efficient. Why? Because our councillors don’t listen to our views. Why not? Because they know better. (Poppycock!)

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive