First past the post – so simple it’s stupid

Larkhill Close


Scott Benton repeats several of the misleading and false statements we keep hearing from the Tories about the referendum. One in particular annoyed me enough to write: “Our current system is...responsive to the wishes of the electorate”.

It’s supposed to be more than that, it’s supposed to represent the People democratically. Hang on though, democracy is the rule of the majority. But 2/3rds of MPs don’t have a majority so they can’t represent their constituency. Well, legally they do, but not in truth. It’s a shock to realise this.

FPTP is the cause, by being so simple it’s stupid. It doesn’t understand about a majority being more than 50%. Unless there are only 2 candidates, then it can cope. AV offers a solution, maybe not perfect but certainly better than FPTP. In North Africa and the Middle East they’re dying for the hope of representative government. It embarrasses me that my country is so lacking in concern for the truth. Are we so slack we can’t better ourselves?

Patrick Herring (not a member of any party)