Fishing with poles causing problems

To add to the debate concerning anglers versus cyclists, if you’re an angler you pay a membership fee to fish on club waters and you pay for a rod licence every year. All in all it’s a very expensive activity.

If you’re a cyclist you don’t pay anything, although there is no public right of way for cyclists on most British waterways canal pathways without first obtaining a free permit, but how many have one?

You might think the argument is won, but it’s not that simple. The problem has only arisen since canal anglers started using poles. If they still fished with a rod and reel, the confrontations wouldn’t arise, because there isn’t a need to use the whole of the banking with a rod and reel.

So if people are looking to point the blame in a certain direction then put the blame on the Europeans, because that’s where the pole fishing idea came from.

If anyone’s wondering which side of the argument I agree with, well I’ve been an angler for more than 50 years but always used a rod and reel.

Dave Wood

Ladstone Towers

Sowerby Bridge