Flaw in blue badges is leading to fines

Moorside Gardens



BLUE badges displayed on the dashboard when parked up are to cover the disabled driver of that car, but if you display the document that shows your photo on one side and the expiry date on the other the wrong way round you get a parking fine of £50 slapped on your car.

This is out of order, and if it got to court it would be rejected. If the fine was changed to a notice asking the driver to produce the document to the fines office showing that this document was legal, or better still in doing the correct thing would be to have both expiry date and photo on both sides of the badge so that this silly law would be stopped. It’s the document that’s out of order not the owner of the document.

This has to be corrected now and each driver should send photocopies of this document to the fines office that’s been recently had fine demanding their money backIf you’re stopped by the police and you haven’t certain documents on you, you have 14 days to produce them.

They don’t fine you, they give you time to bring that or other documents to the police station! That’s the way to do it! Refuse to be fined for a legal document because it’s a printer fault, not yours.

Mick McBride