Food prices and MP’s wages rise


For most ordinary people, times today are very tough.

Food prices and heating costs are going through the roof but a small group of people with no shame at all are laughing all the way to their piggy banks. I am talking about our thick skinned MPs who have no shame at all and according to the last reports are looking forward to a whopping £10k pay rise upping their basic salary to about £75k per year. Labour’s John Mann is the only one so far to condemn this latest proposal, in his own words, ‘They should throw this proposal in the bin’. Some of these arrogant MPs think this is not enough and told IPSA they should be paid £100k which is about four times the average salary. nursery nurse about £11,600. On top of this most of our well-heeled MPs have earnings outside of Parliament earning thousands a year more. Lawyers, doctors are sitting on other companies Boards of Directors. There are still a minority of dedicated MPs but as the saying goes, the bad apples in the barrel need to be got rid of. 
This latest demand for a huge pay increase shows the gap between the rulers and the peasants has never been so wide and will continue to widen under these latest proposals. P.s as I finish writing this letter my heating contract has dropped through the letter box. 
It has increased by over 33% per month which will also make another big hole in my pension but we are all in this together - I do not think so Mr Cameron.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green