Food too important for investing


Children, even in the so-called civilised England are going to bed hungry.

Families have to choose between eating and keeping warm. In other parts of the world the situation is more extreme; life or death. We are not all in it together; the rich are not getting hungrier, the queen has just enjoyed a pay rise.

The changing climate and the increasing use of food crops for biofuels are part of the problem.

But banks are also culpable. Financial speculation by banks and hedge funds is fuelling food price rises. I’m taking part in a campaign by the World Development Movement calling for strict regulation to curb food speculation. We need to make sure that the finance sector stops making easy money at the expense of hungry people.

Food is too important to be subject to reckless financial gambling. Food is not a commodity which can be invested or speculated upon to fatten the fat.

Jane Anderson

Hershar Drive