Fossil fuel prices will aid the green cause

The recent announcement by one of the big energy suppliers that the price of gas will increase by 20 per cent from August 1 will signal bad news for most people. Despite the competition of the market place, other suppliers will surely follow suit.

I have often thought that it must be a good time to be a green campaigner. They seem to have achieved quite a lot without a great deal of public pressure.

Just imagine what the reaction would have been if just three years ago a ‘green’ politician had called for a doubling in the price of fuel oils for example.

Someone who may be pleased by these dreadful price rises is Councillor Keith Hutson, if his letter of May 20, “Future will be clearer when the oil runs out”, is anything to go by.

In this, Councillor Hutson described himself as a ‘permaculturist’ and congratulated the coalition, and in particular the Liberal Democrats, for their commitment to an ambitious carbon reduction programme.

The greening of the economy will come at a huge price. If the price of fossil fuels continues to rise at the current rate this reduction programme will take place quicker than expected. No one will be able to afford to burn any.

Maybe we should all become permaculturalists.

Peter Holmes

Old Bank