Four words sum up riots

COUNCILLOR Hutson’s four-word comment on the disgracefully-destructive recent riots cannot be excelled: “Causes must be addressed!”

On holiday last week I visited the Ruskin Museum shop in Coniston village, and read an 1868 statement in a Ruskin-related project which read: “Our neglect of the lower orders has reached a point where it begins to bear its necessary fruit.” That says it all, though I find the term “lower orders” objectionable; far from riches being honourable, all too often they denote avarice. As a Christian I recall Jesus’ words on rich Dives and poor Lazarus, the camel-and-needle’s-eye saying.

The rioters have personal guilt, though the courts should not treat non-violent looters similarly. After all we have government ministers at every level who looted the claims office! Our society is intolerably unjust, and violent explosions will continue until more thought is given to venality and not just to criminality.

Trouserings by big business and greedy bankers, and coalition condoning of them, must stop.

Councillor Frank McManus