Get some good earplugs!

In reply to P Fletcher’s letter (Friday July 8th) “causing alarm with flashing blue lights”: I read with shock and disbelief that he has a “theory that the emergency services do it out of malice and spite because someone has dared to complain”.

A good friend of mine works for the Ambulance service and has informed me that they only use thier sirens at night when they are approaching red traffic lights or major junctions, as you will know for yourself Mr Fletcher if you look out from your flats especially on a Friday or Saturday night, that there is a lot of traffic throughout the night.

Your comment about the use of sirens being “illegal” is also incorrect, the Ambulance service and the other emergency services have “exemptions” to certain road traffic laws, one of them being that they can use thier sirens at anytime of the night if the driver of the emergency vehicle feels it appropriate.

Mr Fletcher, if you were taken ill one night, for example on a Saturday night, would you want the responding ambulance to not use its audible warnings to get to you and then risk a collison with another vehicle? Which would then mean no ambulance for you or a delay in getting another ambulance to you.

Mr Fletcher, I suggest that you support our emergency services and stop whinging, thier job is hard enough at the best of times, they are very professional and caring.

May I suggest Sir that you purchase a good quality pair of ear plugs or move to another location!

Mrs F Taylor

Hebblebrook Close