Give areas enough grit and we will get the job done ourselves

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What a joke, re-road gritting!

I read the article about the poor van driver who nearly went into icy waters, (Salterhebble article) and the fact no-one seems bothered about our dreadful dangerous roads at this time of year. At one time the whole of Halifax was awakened very early in the morning to the distant sound of ‘gritters’, becoming louder as they neared your street, it served both as an alarm clock and a comfort zone to those of us who had to be up and ready to leave home for our working day. We felt safe knowing the icy paths and roads had been dealt with, making the journey on foot to the bus stop, or driving, not as hazard-ridden as it is today. Halifax is a hilly place for all of us, I have to negotiate on foot, many side streets just to get to the main road in what wouldn’t go amiss in a James Bond film! In all the years I have lived here not once has a ‘gritter’ been anywhere near. We have a grit-box at the top of the road, but by the the time you do manage to get there the grit has all been used. It’s time all residents in all streets were delivered enough quantities of containers full to the brim of grit so we could all do our own ‘gritting’. At least it would be safer these winter days and evenings underfoot and our choice if we fell to fall on grit and not ice. We all may even have less council tax to pay as the ‘gritting’ job would be done by us, not the council emloyees.

J Robinson

St George’s Road

Lee Mount