Give Steve a job - he makes perfect sense

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Moorside Gardens


WHY doesn’t Calderdale Council approach our Mr Steve Webster to be an advisor for them. All his reports in the past make perfect sense to both myself and so many other townsfolk.

Mr Webster has driven a single-decker bus in Halifax for a long time, giving him insight to the lack of parking spaces in our town. Every remark made by our Mr Steve Webster approaching silly moves by our wizard brainbox councillors makes perfect sense. This is the kind of marshall that Halifax needs. He has the right kind of intelligence that’s needed to make things work the way it was when it worked correctly.

A much better choice than the stupid greedy, uncaring Sheriff of Nottingham’s councillors that are turning everything to lead that they touch.

Mr Webster is worth his weight in gold. Give this man their job and let them drive our buses.

Mick McBride