Give us the information and a simple yes or no

The previous consultations were biased on the side of the Lib/Lab Consortium as they have all relevant information regarding the New Library and what deals have been discussed with regards to the Old Library and Northgate House.

They have not been very forthcoming with the truth to Ratepayers of Calderdale and some of their own Councillors about what the discussions were about, as they have said in writing that they when they were voting they thought it was going to be about to build the New Library or not, it would seem they do not inform their own colleagues.

With regards to the second consultation at the end of it a vote was taken ‘yea or nay’ for the New Library to be built, and the answer was ‘nay’ and not to forget there was the second form that was given out by public demand which also said ‘nay’ to building a New Library.

And now there will be another discussion and hopefully another vote, but this time it should be a simple form with two simple questions either Yes or No and the name and address of the voter as it does not require a two page form explaining what the New Library will have in it as all Calderdale knows what the Lib/Lab Consortium publicised it enough at what cost?

As we the Rate payers are the ones who are footing the bills for all that has been done already and all that is going to be done I believe we should have access to all documents.

Stan Shaw