Good luck but don’t hold your breath

Blaithroyd Lane


I have noticed recently there have been many letters in the paper about the proposed development at Copley Village.

Two particular headlines struck me, namely “Council ride rough shod over local opinion” and “On their heads be it if they give the go-ahead”.

I have every sympathy with the people of Copley but if they expect to change the Council’s mind then I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The residents of Blaithroyd Lane, Southowram have had a problem for the last four years following the building of the development of flats and houses at the top of Trooper Lane. Strong objections were raised against the planning permission on this development but, of course, to no avail.

The Council were warned about springs underneath the hillside and that building work could change the water table under the hillside.

The residents were assured this would not happen but of course this is exactly what has happened and we are now left with a virtually impassable road to the rear of our properties where we have our garages and parking places.

We have constant running water, the flow of which does change in wet or dry weather and we are left with a stream which is slowing washing the road away.

Prior to the building work there was a slight trickle of water in wet weather but other than that the road was dry and we have photographic evidence of this.

Of course, now that the buildings are fait accompli it appears that there is nothing the Council can do, although they say they are still looking into this.

So, good luck in your quest to get the proposals at Copley stopped but, as I said, don’t hold your breath.

Mrs A Ray