Good news in the post for Christmas?

It is now some weeks since the Post Office at Crosshill, Upper Greetland, was closed through sadly unfortunate. but forseeable circumstances.

As a result Greetland residents have been left with no alternative but to use the Post Offices at either Barkisland, Holywell Green or Elland, unless they choose to make the longer journey to Halifax.

All involve time, and two have accompanying problems of parking, which along with travel costs either by car or bus, are an added expense.

For some walking is an option, but many elderly people are unable to do so, and rely on the goodwill of relatives, neighbours or friends.

When Post Offices Ltd needlessly closed the Post Office in West Vale some time ago there was understandable anger.

Most objectors were able to predict that the Upper Greetland post office would ultimately also close due to the ongoing ill-health problems of the postman in charge.

By closing the West Vale outlet, and waiting, they could, to quote modern jargon “get two for the price of one”. Sadly this has proved to be the case.

I e-mailed our two Liberal Councillors regarding efforts being made to find a replacement post office; but so far have had no response (not even an acknowledgement).

The Courier reports that “Post Offices Ltd are trying to find a solution”. Neither our councillors nor Post Offices Ltd appear to be trying hard enough. But, I am not surprised.

Nor am I holding my breath in expectations of a replacement office in either Upper Greetland or West Vale.

However, being an optimist I could do with some good news before Christmas.

Les Forester