Government let down working people

Further to the letter “Government must focus on saving jobs” from Anthony Rutherford (Your say, July 18) it must be said the government have no idea of how to save jobs, let along create them.

It must be obvious to people that the government (any government) is not primarily interested in helping the people, particularly working people. The latest harebrained government scheme “to help people back into work” will fail, as all similar schemes have done in the past, and cost the long-suffering British taxpayers dearly with no return.

The term ‘tarting up CVs’ in the letter is about the only ‘help’ unemployed people can expect. I strongly suspect that the real motive is to hassle people so much that they might commit some minor mistake so they can be ‘sanctioned’ ie, have benefits cut or stopped!

This course of action by the authorities will only lead to more crime to be committed by people who find themselves starving and homeless, whose best option will be prison costing £37,000 per prisoner per annum - much more than paying existing benefits and shutting up about it.

I make no bones about my belief that benefits should be exchanged for proper union rate wages paid for and organised by the government for work done. No government has the wit or will to start thinking about such a scheme.

Government have badly let down the working people of this country and I see no improvement in this situation any time soon.

So long as senior politicians can swan about the world on ‘fact finding missions’, fail, then find even more lucrative positions in Europe, they will be perfectly happy to let this country continue to slide downwards.

That, folks, is the truth - and the truth has never been very popular!

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road