Granny tax and dinner parties will cost PM

After Boy George’s Lib Dem budget and a previous expenses scandal, as a Tory voter and supporter the latest sleaze storm over Cameron hosting secret dinners for millionaire Conservative donors was to put it bluntly, the final nail in the coffin.

I said it previously in my letters to Your Say, Cameron does not lack self-esteem, and in fact at times he comes over as arrogant in my opinion.

But his ability in selecting his personal friends continues to amaze me more than ever. His speech in 2010 warned that political lobbying was the next big scandal waiting to happen; well his words now look like a prediction which is threatening to engulf his own Government. Peter Cruddis like Andy Coulson before him were personally selected by Cameron so it only goes to show that when it comes to selecting, his choices are certainly bottom of the class.

Choosing one Tory Treasurer who fails to live up to the party ethics can be forgiven but like the game of baseball three strikes and you are out! Cruddis until three years ago lived as an exile in Monaco so Cameron’s appointment was an accident waiting to happen; after all in the Boy George Lib Dem budget they declared war on offshore tax havens so we are hardly all in this together.

Day by day David Cameron is evolving into a Teflon Tony and the more he fiddles and fudges to accommodate the few grovelling Lib Dems, the least chance he has of retaining leadership of his supposedly Tory party.

The granny tax was a blow to his core of Tory voters and to lose these will cost him at the next election so my message is show some Tory backbone, get shut now of the dubious characters and stop letting the Lib Dem tail wag the Tory dog.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green