Grasp challenge for children

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Every Child Matters, especially those vulnerable children who are Looked After by local authorities.

Every councillor in the country is a Corporate Parent and has responsibility for those children in care.

The decline in the number of children being found loving adoptive homes is a disaster for those who have already been exposed to circumstances that lead them to being taken away from their birth parents.

So, it was encouraging to hear today (Monday 31st Oct), that the Government is taking active steps to improve the service to these vulnerable children and speed up the system that has meant that, on average, children wait over two and a half years to be placed with adoptive parents.

For many children this is a huge part of their lives spent waiting for a family, it also means that for some children they may be considered too old for adoption.

We need an improved service and we need more caring families and individuals to become adoptive parents to give these children a chance.

We are well aware of the under achievement of many Looked After Children and the fact that they can be targetted by those who wish to exploit and harm.

It is important that councillors and their local authorities grasp the challenge and provide the service our children deserve.

Christine Bampton-Smith

Liberal Democrat Councillor

Luddendenfoot Ward