Green Paradise? It’s contaminated land

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Tuel Lane

Sowerby Bridge

Tourism and the Copley Valley - so Diane Wade has the solution for the Sowerby Bridge Copley Valley? What planet is she on?

Heritage Centres? Arts Centre for plays and performances? Is she not aware that all these things cost money we do not have? Arts centres and theatres are closing all over the country because of funding cuts. It is difficult enough to keep open those we have.

The valley is not a green paradise. It is an extensive area of derelict and contaminated land, which needs millions to restore. Where will this money come from?

The valley as it is detracts from the tourism appeal of the area. Whereas we may all want something different from a development, restored with the proposed investment, it will at least bring much needed jobs and create a pleasant riverside walk and a cared for nature reserve. Yes a country park would be wonderful but if we turn down the proposed scheme, the valley will remain derelict for the foreseeable future. Finally, she misses the point about Holmes Road. This part of Sowerby Bridge will remain a run down backwater, until the new road from Sterne Mills goes through. So Miss Wade, the town’s tourism is more under threat if it does not proceed!

John Greenwood