Grey boxes can’t be our village


“Plans unveiled for Village Crossroads”. But which crossroads? You can’t mean Hipperholme, surely?

For a clue I looked for Christ Church on the corner - so distinctive and easy to find (it’s got a spire you see).
No, it’s not there. Just lots and lots of oblongs, a ghostly grey or tan (go and clean reading specs). Ah, what a relief, they’ve solved all the problems; I spot 15 traffic lights and counting, one pedestrian and one car (very smart - you can see the white tyres). The Council can’t possibly expect us to take this angular confection seriously, so please submit a decent plan for public consideration. If this is what the planning department has come to, could I suggest some good drawing lessons? Or, better still, sacking the jokers and incompetents?

Margot Lawson

St Giles Close