Halifax - it’s just like a continental city!

The mature flower beds at Bull Green, Halifax
The mature flower beds at Bull Green, Halifax

THE Council is often criticised and often rightly so, but there are two places in Halifax that are doing fine, partly at least, thanks to the council.

I refer to George Square and Bull Green. When the old Bull Green roundabout was under consideration for removal, to be replaced by a car park, many people thought it would be a mistake.

However, now that this area has matured, it is pleasant because the bushes on the perimeter of the car park happily hide the cars there. The area is not perfect as the old tree stumps and cages are still at the front of Bull Green House. These stumps and cages need to be removed to enhance this otherwise pleasant area.

Standing in George Square, I always get the impression of standing in the older part of a continental city.

There are enough nooks and crannies there to help this impression, and, thankfully the people were able to persuade the council to retain the cherry trees there. Not only that, more trees have been added if I’m not mistaken.

It would be interested if other readers could share with us their favourite parts of Halifax, because it is still a fabulous town which is still changing, hopefully changing by evolution rather than revolution.

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road