Halifax through school will help area and ease issue of primary places

Halifax High School at Wellesley Park, Halifax.
Halifax High School at Wellesley Park, Halifax.
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As a former portfolio holder for Education and a Governor at Halifax High I am pleased to see that Calderdale’s Labour Cabinet are considering the proposal to allow the development of a ‘Through School’ at Halifax High i.e. one which starts with reception children and takes them right through to 16.
Such a development will be a major, cost-effective, contribution to the problem of insufficient primary places in this area of Halifax.
In discussing it with Jackie Nellis [headteacher] and her team it was obvious to me from the start that they had come up with a great piece of lateral thinking; one which provided a win-win solution for the youngsters of the area and an under pressure education department. 
However, my intial frustration was that the Lead Member for Young People struggled to see the benefits of this proposal in relation to the other alternatives - perhaps, dare I say, also being influenced by local political issues rather than being moved to grasp this creative solution to the provision of essential primary school places in this area of Halifax.
Under the current management team, Halifax High has steadily improved to the point where their recent OFSTED rating was ‘Good’ which, under the new OFSTED regime, is really very good. 
iven the right additions to the team, this expertise will also benefit the primary pupils too.
Being ‘on-site’, and directly linked to the secondary school, will also aid the all-important Primary-Secondary transition phase. From a Calderdale point of view, the costs of establishing this school will be siginificantly lower as the authority already own the land
So, I would strongly urge Cabinet to finally take this proposal seriously and vote in favour of it next week.

Coun Ashley Evans

Lib-Dem Warley Ward