Harveys: what a brilliant night

Shelf Hall Lane

Shelf, Halifax

I went to Harveys 60th Anniversary evening with friends and was blown away by the efforts made by everyone.

The evening was wonderful. Roger Harveys staff looked amazing. They are always courteous, helpful, friendly and certainly went the extra mile for the Harveys special night; surely a sign of a very caring workforce.

I always enjoy spending time and money in the store, and very much appreciate the fact that the staff are attentive and remember their customers however often they might visit; a quality sadly lacking in many places.

I feel strongly that Halifax is very lucky to have such a caring, wonderful, unassuming family who give us superb quality in every department together with that ‘special touch’ across the whole store.

Stand back and take some time to really look at the architecture of what is Harveys of Halifax, and then go inside, spoil yourself and help to keep something that is very important to Halifax, alive.

London and Leeds might have their Harrods and Harvey Nics, but we are privileged indeed to have Harveys of Halifax and the wonderful family who ask for nothing, but give a very big something to our town.

Bless you always Roger and family...

Adela Lynne Illingworth