Have they considered the river levels?

Lydbrook Park

Copley, Halifax

ACCORDING to GENR8, the proposed development of the Copley valley “could reduce river levels by up to 9mm”.

As an angling society who control most of the angling on the river in Calderdale, we have always been against any schemes which reduce river levels as they are potentially disastrous to the ecology of the river and the breeding habitat of fish.

The Calder in our area is considered to be the best trout and grayling fishery in Yorkshire, if not England, and some of our members travel as far as 50 miles to enjoy the fishing.

Over many years, we have stocked the river mainly to give nature a helping hand to recover from a succession of man-made pollution incidents. In doing so, we have been careful to stock with locally-bred indigenous species and have always sought the guidance of the Environment Agency. Apart from this, we have left the management and development of the river to someone who knows more about environmental issues than all of us put together, ‘Mother Nature’.

Has London-based GENR8 considered and sought advice on the environmental impact of their manipulation of river levels? I suspect not.

GENR8 and their plans should be thrown out now, closely followed by the short-sighted and misguided councillors who have supported them.

Douglas M. Townson

(Ryburn & Halifax Angling Society)