He’s right about not spending on Piece Hall

S. Lotus has the right idea (Letters, Friday March 2nd) - don’t throw more good money into the black hole of the Piece Hall.

The fabric needs restoration, that’s what the £7 million grant which the Council hopes to get from the Heritage Lottery Fund should be used for.

The £12 million additional funding which Calderdale is proposing to spend on it should not be used for digging up the iconic Courtyard and turning it into some sort of playground.

Note that creating a level surface at the height of the central path between the north and south gates will raise the level at the lower side so much it will hide the lower arcade and ruin the appearance of the building.

The number of steps and ramps will greatly reduce the area useable by events and the fountain will take up most of the remainder. In twenty years they will be seeking funds to restore it to its historic appearance, and increase the area useful area to permit motor rallies etc to be held again.

That £12 million would go a long way to filling up the gap in Calderdale’s finances, and significantly reduce the need for cuts in services. Meanwhile, reduced rents in the Piece Hall would bring back traders and revitalise it. Think again, Calderdale, before it is too late!

Alan Shaw

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