Hearing you loud and clear at Shay

Watkinson Road


On Tuesday evening March 29. I once again visited the Shay ground and found the evening had risen to an even greater height than normal.

I’m not referring to what my eyes captured on the pitch, we’re getting used to that now and well done and congratulations to team Aspin, no, I refer to the sound that my ears picked up.

No longer an MC giving a sound distorted unintelligible welcome and team introduction but perfectly loud and clear announcement procedure.

The reason, I spied, was a different sound system employed for the evening.

On enquiring I was informed that it was used for rugby matches and that the football club had only paid for its use for three occasions.

I was assured however that it would be in use for the last soccer match of the season.

Come on town management, get talking and arrange for this facility to be used on a more permanent basis, I know we come to watch a game being played and not to listen to the pa system but the much improved audio system further adds to the evening’s entertainment and makes for a more professional atmosphere within the ground.

H W D Maude