Heath grammar boys got carried away in big freeze

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This is a very unusual school photograph, taken by the Halifax Courier. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, I have lost the original newspaper cutting.

I believe this was taken in the winter of 1961-62, or it could have been in the ‘big freeze’ of 1962-63.

It depicts sixth formers of Heath Grammar School studying hard for their ‘A’ levels! Taken outside the ‘School House’, which was then in use for sixth form students but used to be the Headmaster’s house.

Note the snowman has a mortar board on!

The names of many of the boys now escapes me but on the ladder on the left is the head boy Howard Blakeborough (in the anorak), below him Dave Britten, top of the right ladder ‘Tub’ Johnson and below him John Bateson. On the extreme right standing is Andew Dawrant, at the foot of the right ladder (standing) John Greenwood and I am third from the right standing wearing a flat cap (!), plus spade in hand.

I was in the lower sixth form and went on to study music at the Royal Manchester College of Music (now the Royal Northern College).

There was some talk at the time of contacting the ‘Guiness Book of Records’ as we thought this might have been the tallest snowman ever built. I don’t think anything came of it though.

Mike Woodhead

Shay Lane