Help drivers stuck in M62 tailbacks

Extreme measure: Is the 50mph limit on the M62 too slow?
Extreme measure: Is the 50mph limit on the M62 too slow?

I read with interest that the M62 was closed for some time the other week.

We have had a torrid time to say the least since the construction work on the ‘managed’ motorway. Why set the speed limit at 50mph? Lorries are governed at about 56 mph. Many of us are plodding along at 50mph to have a lorry tailgate our vehicle or overtake in the driver’s reluctance to drop below his maximum. Many of the hold-ups have involved HGVs. If the limit had been set at 56mph lorry drivers would not be so reluctant to conform. The article in my Courier June 14th [Fines to follow the M62 chaos] just highlighted the indifference of the police to our daily problems. Showing no concern, Police said drivers would be prosecuted. You sense him rubbing his hands with glee as he goes onto say, “We did catch quite a lot of drivers ourselves and we have CCTV.” There was a time whenever there was a road hold-up a police officer would don white gloves and keep traffic flowing. 
There are usually 2 or 3 police cars’ crews stood about, while the Ambulance and Fire Services complete their grisly tasks. How about helping motorists instead of penalising and treating them with disdain by:
Closing the motorway several junctions back. Once no traffic is joining officers could supervise the evacuation of the trapped vehicles. U turns, controlled reverses etc under police officers’ supervision donning their white gloves and helping people. 
Many cars have babies, elderly and people just wanting to go about their daily business. These activities pay for the Police and Highways Agency.
After it’s all over we will have the Investigation Officers out with tape measures closing the motorway. 
How about some help for those caught in the queue.

John R Armitage

Luddenden Foot