Help to change disastrous decision over hospital

I am writing in response to a tweet to ask our views on the disastrous decision to close the Leeds Heart Hospital.

A very dear friend of mine who has campaigned tirelessly to for months to keep this hospital open has shared her views.

She has a down syndrome son who has previously undergone surgery at Leeds. Her name is Mary Dennison and she had given permission to use her name and she lives in Brighouse. This is what she has said: Families will be split up eg 1 parent in 1 part of country with patient and hubby at home with siblings - so loss of support there. Plus wider family not on hand to assist. Difficult enough to have child facing life or death surgery without extra pressure of being away. They have to travel for pre op assessments and follow ups after op. Leeds has got great networks - road rail etc. All childrens services are on one site here .

I am gutted! 14 year ago today Jack had his emergency operation - if we hadn’t been in hospital he wouldn’t be here. His oxygen levels went so low they didn’t register

Please do your very best to make the people with the power to change this change.

What are their motives / agenda? because I really do not understand the logic !

Lidia Shinwell