Help us protect our hard work from vandals

As a member of the Elland community and a member of the EDP I despair and I am angry at local people who wilfully ignore the efforts of volunteers and community workers who use their time and efforts to make Elland a more attractive and worthwhile area to live in.

Recently much money has been spent on the Riverside Park and the enthusiasm and energies of many have been expended for its re-opening, with wild flowers, trees and paths to encourage the community to enjoy the river.

In the final stages of re-development barbecue stoves were added, three being vandalised or stolen. A fourth was then installed, this being fitted to a stone feature and well cemented into the structure. That has now been wrecked by who knows, yobs, hooligans or imbeciles?

People of Elland complain that the town is ignored by Calderdale, can we blame Calderdale when such sheer vandalism takes place? Why should caring people be constantly appalled by the actions of a few? Please report untoward behaviour to the community watchdogs, namely the police.

The money spent on these projects is Our Money! Help to protect the spending of it and encourage more projects for Elland

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