Highly rated with pathetic facilities

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SO, at last the council has managed to reduce Elland Swimming Pool, with neglect, to a state that it had to close. It was the day before around 60 children were to have a swimming gala (my young granddaughter’s first, and eagerly anticipated). What have all these youngsters to aim for now?

It was a blue day for Elland. Even the skies wept, spoiling all the preparations for the town’s Christmas festivities.

Your recent profile of Elland mentioned the pool several times as being a big, important feature in the town.

Elland seems to have been forgotten as far as Halifax Town Hall is concerned. We don’t even have a public hall for meetings. We are a highly-rated area and yet have the most pathetic public facilities.

Elland was twinned with Riorges, in mid-France, about 35 years ago. The two towns were textile-based and had other similarities. Now we are way behind – they have a super modern town hall set on a landscaped plaza, big swimming pool, sports hall and playgrounds, all well equipped, several lovely parks and I could go on and on. Riorges is proud and rightly so!

What benefit has the Lowfields development brought to Elland? When was that land sold privately? What happened to that £5 million? There are so many questions.

I feel so bitter, I could flit!

Shirley Garnett

Sunnybank Road