Hipperholme junction improvements are still a waste of money


Following the disastrous road improvements of 2008, which I described as being ineffective cosmetic surgery in my letter to the Courier at that time, regarding the total wast of public funds on Hipperholme junction.

We are now faced with a revamp of the so-called improvements which will again prove to be a total waste of public funds. The proposed roundabout will result in:
1) vastly increased traffic flow in front of the shops on Leeds Road having channelled traffic formerly using the right turn to Brighouse and the right turn of Leeds Road into Wakefield Road, on to the Leeds Road east bound and around the roundabout;
2) traffic which formally came from Halifax using the Wakefield Road would in future have to use Knowle Top Road to cut back off the Leeds Road to the Wakefield Road, vastly increasing traffic past the infants school at Lightcliffe;
3) having channelled traffic travelling towards Halifax on the Leeds Road onto Wakefield Road, this coupled with traffic from the roundabout and existing Wakefield Road traffic, three lanes off Wakefield Road will be totally insufficient at the moment in full rush hour. I have observed cars four abreast trying to exit the “old Wakefield Road”.
In short if you cannot afford to either build a bypass to Hipperholme or flatten Hipperholme and build a dual carriageway all the way from from Chain Bar through to Halifax, stop tinkering with half-hearted solutions and wasting public money.
Calderdale Council will, if allowed to continue, turn the centre of Hipperholme into a wasteland full of boarded up empty shops, in my case they will bankrupt my business and render me and my wife homeless.

D M Thornber

George Street