Hold car boot sale at Piece Hall

Parsonage Lane Brighouse

In her column on Tuesday 18th January, Pauline Hawkins raises the question of the Piece Hall's future.

The same edition of the Courier also contains a report about the Tapathon at North Bridge Leisure Centre on Sunday, January 16, an event that I attended. Unfortunately most of the people in the record crowd for this event had difficulty parking because the car boot sale takes up most of the car park.

The Tapathon cannot be the only event at North Bridge to clash with a car boot sale. It would seem to make sense to hold Sunday morning car boot sales in the Piece Hall. It is ridiculous to hold two events on one site when there is a site at the other end of town unused.

It needs some imagination on the part of the Councillors and council staff to utilise the Piece Hall. Car boot sales on Saturday and Sunday may be an answer. Antique fairs, game fairs and Christmas markets could also be considered. The answer to the future of the Piece Hall lies in exploring new avenues; maybe moving the car boot sale is too simple.

Malcolm Almond