Honest people were taken in by scheme

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Portland Road

Shibden Heights


I would just like to ask all local employers and members of the general public for help and advice on getting back into employment where I have been constantly for the last 39 years.

I am like one of the people recently filmed on Panorama who is over 50 and finding it very difficult to obtain work.

It appears that all my knowledge and skills gained over these years are no longer of use to anybody. I am fit, and active, hardworking, honest, reliable, excellent timekeeper with a stable work record, only having six previous jobs, and would now be prepared to consider anything, and work for the minimum wage, just to return to work, but it appears whatever I do is not right.

My typical day goes like this; approximately 3-4 hours spent checking job sites and sending e-mails and CV to all potential employers, going through the phone book ringing business’s and spending hours riding and walking round handing out my CV and making enquiries.

Also I advertised four days in the Courier under employment wanted, but after months searching still no joy, so could somebody please tell me what more I can do to return to the place we all need called work?

Steven Illingworth