Hospital needs to take steps to improve parking for the public

I am writing as a very concerned individual for the local businesses in that area if people have to pay to go to butchers, photographers, drycleaners etc in Skirtcoat Green.

There is also the issue of revenue raising but lack of care and responsibility towards those that are paying for this, ie the hospital!

I have already emailed and now prepared a letter to send to the hospital (as I have had no reply), however reading this article in the paper has infuriated me!

I took my 12 month old daughter to hospital on the 10th of February (forwarded on by my doctor), we were registered in at 6.30pm in Ward 3A (I parked in the Main Entrance carpark).

It took an hour and a half to be seen by a trainee nurse (from Huddersfield hospital), then another hour before anything was given to my daughter to reduce her temperature, then eventually 5 hours after entering the Ward, we were seen by a doctor!

Bearing in mind, I had not had tea, another lady and I asked if there was anywhere we could purchase food- no! 10 minutes later a nurse brought a piece of toast for us (but apparently toast should actually be for the patients.) Lastly, when we were discharged at midnight, I was kindly told I would have to exit the building from the A&E entrance/exit and have to walk around to the Main Entrance carpark.

The nurse looked embarrassed when I asked about my daughter and my safety and stated that it was well lit. It took me around 10 minutes to walk back to the Main Entrance carpark- with my baby daughter who was not 100% (thank goodness it wasn’t raining otherwise I don’t know what I would have done.)

Then I still got charged parking fees (thank goodness I had paid my ticket in the hospital before I left.)

Now tell me if parking charges should be set near the hospital- a hospital is for the community, those that are poorly, new parents or have health issues of some sort- maybe increase the parking places (ie build above the parking now- and that will reduce the parking issues in the local community).

And if they do make these arrangements, will some of the income be set aside for a security guard to stand at the main entrance doors and let people in similar circumstance out to their cars with a reduced issue of personal safety.

As I was walking around to the main entrance, there was a man walking around the hospital desperately trying to find the A&E entrance as he had parked in the Main Entrance carpark thinking he could enter from that way. No signs, nothing.

I am not having a go at the staff, but at management who do not see the everyday compromising situations they put their staff under due to staff shortages.

Do not target those visiting the hospital- its not fair, they have enough to deal with! And local businesses also have enough issues with parking as it is let alone customers wanting to park

I can understand the residents having issues with parking, however is the road part of their property or is it a situation of first in first parked?

J Crawshaw