Hospital staff are spot-on!

I was admitted to Calderdale Royal Hospital during the evening of Saturday August 6 after collapsing at home. The ambulance men who took me there and the staff who attended to me in A&E were fantastic.

Initially I was taken into Assessment Ward 2D but later, after a day or so, was moved to Ward 5B. I don’t remember a lot of what happened the first week as I was oblivious most of the time, with a fever I believe, but the second week I do remember how good everyone was, from the nurses to the doctors and not forgetting the auxiliary staff, they were spot on.

Even though I did not like some of the food on the menu, that could just be me as I have always been a fussy eater as my family can confirm.

Anyway, I if I had to pay for all the treatment and scans, etc, I just would not be here today.

So, may I thank everyone for all the hard work they all do very day for sick people.

And for me it’s not over yet as I will still be attending the Out Patients’ Department for a month or so.

In conclusion, I truly thank each and every one for all you have done for me. Not forgetting my lovely family and neighbours too for their love and support.

Thank you all.

Mrs Pauline Gillott

Illingworth Avenue