How about the bigger litter bugs?

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A £400.00 fine for throwing a cigarette butt out of a car plus costs = £1,106.85.

Jim Jarret wrote to Your Say on March 7, 2010 and I myself on July 16, 2010 - “Council Letter Policy Unjust”, “Litter Policy Aim for Easy Targets”. 
Whilst I totally agree that littering should be stopped I disagree that the way these self-conceited litter wardens operate. They pick on little old ladies / mothers with prams and hide in their own cars watching for the dozy motorist flicking a tab end out of the window (use the ashtray!). They avoid groups of drinkers outside pubs, perhaps fearful of confrontation. And why is it none of these wardens fine the biggest litter villains? Sita.
You know when the recycling boys have been, just follow the plastic bottles, cans etc. But then again Sita and the Council are on the same side (winners). But back to the £1,106.85, what a silly man, 10 metres from a bin and no doubt an ashtray in the car?
I would have paid up. Paying up £80 when you’ve accepted the fixed penalty is a saving of £1,026.85 (bargain). But then again, how can a magistrate justify a fine of this size for littering when a fine and costs for £270 for drink-driving was issued in the same court? I’m amazed. So come on council, make the place cleaner but treat everyone the same – simples.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive