How can it be right to punish dog owners?

Dog walking: an important part of many elderly people's day
Dog walking: an important part of many elderly people's day

I have read with concern the proposed restriction relating to dogs.

I am of the opinion that the people clammering for this have no idea what it is like to share your life with a balanced well adjusted cared for dog.

For many of our community a dog is their only companion and the joy they receive from sharing their lives with their pal is their reason for living.

Many of our elderly who fought in the war for our freedom look forward to their walk with the dog they share their lives with and they manage perhaps for the only part of their day to socialise with other dog owners while the animals have the exercise they need. It ends the loneliness for which many of them feel.

How can it be right to punish these people for something they have not done or restrict their rights. The great majority of these owners pick up and care for their dogs and pose no threat to man nor beast. No other section of our community are discriminated against in such a way and discrimination is what this is, because the vast majority of dog owners do pick up.

I am a middle aged lady with an elderly dog, my dog is wormed, vaccinated and flea’d. I pay my taxes and have never broken the law. I work hard and my enjoyment is walking with my dog, what have I done wrong? I pick up and no one would ever know we had been on the park. Unlike the footballers who leave mud everywhere when they clean their boots before getting into their car’s that they take to the football pitch and leave parked on the pavements blocking them for pushchairs and wheelchairs, litter strewn all along the side of the pitch, empty plastic bottles and tops for the wildlife to choke on. Who is the criminal here! My dog has cut her paw and required vet treatment twice this year from broken glass.

The other day my Godson picked up a used condom from the playground. Where are the regulations and ban on these acts.

Am I expected (as a Lady on her own approaching retirement) by my Council whose motto is “Everyone different, Everyone matters” to walk my dog in remote areas which I would consider unsafe (putting myself in danger ) to enable my dog to have a run which she needs to function.

I accept totally that dog mess is foul. Owners should pick up and laws exist to fine them if they do not. If these laws were enforced the Council could gain much needed extra finance from the fines, part of which could be used to employ clean up people where required because I do feel some area’s will be worse for this problem than others. After all parking fees and fines go to pay for traffic wardens and top up the Council coffers.

I would not object to paying a permit to allow me to walk my dog on the park, which again could be enforced and fines given for not having the permit, this again could be a source of revenue to fund clean up.

But I would hazard a guess that the people who do not pick up would be the people who would not buy a permit and still use the facilities whilst allowing the fouling to continue.

The other valid point is that the people who do not care will continue not to care the animals may not get exercised leading to behavioural problems and aggression or more dog dirt on the pavements.

Please consider that I have committed no crime yet am being discriminated against.

M. Binns