How is grassroots football meant to prosper?

Mountain View



How is Junior and grassroots football supposed to prosper and help produce the stars of the future when men in suits sit in their nice offices are making decisions with only their own interests at heart.

After a long hard season through wind, rain, snow and freezing cold temperatures the young footballers of Halifax are to be denied the chance to play at the Shay Stadium for their finals.

Just like the highly paid professionals they all dream of emulating, these young players aged from seven to seventeen set out in the cup in the early season dreaming of the walk up the steps to lift the cup, the chance to wave at their parents as they walk across the grass. Just like they see their heroes do at the end of a hard cup run.

Athough this is not Wembley it is the Shay and the feeling is just the same for these proud young people. How do you explain to a team of youngsters that all the hard work they have put in is to be deemed less important than a big pay day from a rugby league club.

If the powers at the FA can’t be bothered to sanction a June final because it’s too late in the year for them then who will support football at grassroot and junior level?

These young people play for the love of the game the coaches are all parents/volunteers who put the highly paid professionals at the FA to shame.

How will our professional game improve if we do not get support at junior level?

Ian Woolley

Crossley Juniors U10’s