How many more broken promises?

Shaw Street Holywell Green

How many more free election promises is David Cameron along with his Lib Dem colleagues prepared to break?

Reform of public services receiving more cuts giving more money to GPs will result in them controlling hospital budgets.

Hospitals will then be in competition with one another making them like supermarkets and at the same time gambling with people's lives. If Cameron is prepared to do this like his predecessor Tony Blair, he also could have blood on his hands.

Cameron also promised a fuel duty stabiliser to stop the price of fuel going through the roof while another rise in April will only cause more hardship and jobs.

We have no intention of increasing VAT was another broken promise. Now along comes Dr Nick Clegg not content with reneging on student fees along with Cameron, fathers to be are about to be given 10 months paid paternity leave which business leaders describe as a complete business disaster even worse than when Harriet Harman championed the initiative under Labour.

All these latest broken promises are all right for Cameron and Clegg but could have devastating effects on ordinary working families.

Is there any wonder that Tory back benchers are beginning to revolt over Cameron's reneging and him becoming more Liberal than Tory. The by-election in Oldham and Saddleworth was another fine example of him supporting the Lib Dem over his own low profile Tory candidate.

Motormouth Baroness Warsi can spout all she likes about the Tory right wingers but at the very least they are Tories and like myself who voted Tory and like rebel leader Bill Cash I am still a Conservative so 'Call me Dave' should also prove he is fit to be Tory leader and not Flashman the school bully in Tom Brown's schooldays.

Donald Leach